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A Swedish supplier of Aloe vera.

About aloe life®

Aloe Vera Scandinavian Healthcare AB was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2003 and has since then delivered high quality aloe to our customers around Europe.

We have extensive experience in working with different types of raw materials from the aloe vera plant and a long-term relationship with different producers around the world.

Different raw materials have different properties and quality and it is important to choose the right kind of raw material depending on the application. This applies to cosmetics, skincare products, food supplements and medicines.

We help you find the right Aloe vera for your business.

We can offer short delivery times for several qualities. Of course, we also have organically produced Aloe vera.


Why Aloe vera from aloe life®?

Certified raw materials

Our raw materials are certified by the IASC (International Aloe Science Council).

Short delivery times

We have several qualities in stock and can therefore offer short delivery times.

Long experience

Aloe vera is a complex plant and you can’t really talk about one raw material but rather many different ones.

We have the specialist knowledge and have been helping manufacturers find the right aloe vera raw material for their projects for more than 20 years.

High standards of quality

Our own aloe life seal guarantees that the aloe vera raw material has passed our own high quality, environmental and safety standards.

In addition to our own analysis of the raw materials, we carry out regular checks on all our suppliers, including site visits from field to factory.

Of course, we also provide organically produced raw materials.


The International Aloe Science Council (IASC) is the world’s largest non-profit international trade organization for all stakeholders in the Aloe vera field. The organization was already established in 1980. Members range from growers, manufacturers, test laboratories, consultants and researchers.

As interest in Aloe vera grew among consumers and the industry, a number of rogue operators appeared on the market, and the IASC was founded to set clear requirements for the quality and safety of the products produced by member companies.

High standards of quality

All members of the IASC commit to complying with all of the organization’s policies and business ethics requirements. Since aloe vera has been found in various products on the market, it is difficult for the consumer to know what a particular product contains, not least because aloe vera is a plant with a complex composition of different substances, but also because many products marketed as Aloe vera products have not been found to contain any components from aloe vera at all.

The IASC has therefore also developed guidance and definitions for the labeling of aloe vera products.

In addition to being a forum for exchanging knowledge and establishing various standards for processes relevant to the manufacture of Aloe vera products, the IASC has also introduced a certification program for Aloe vera products. Today, IASC standards exist for both raw material and finished products containing Aloe vera.

Aloe vera Scandinavia HC AB (part of Calmino group AB) became a member of the IASC in 2005.

Certified raw materials

IASC certification is an independent certification of Aloe vera products. Member companies can submit their products for testing and an audit is conducted to see if they meet the requirements for IASC certification. Approved products are then allowed to use the IASC seal. The IASC regularly carries out on-site inspections of member companies producing Aloe vera to check their compliance with the requirements of the certification.

IASC-certified Aloe vera products always come from IASC-certified production facilities and meet IASC requirements for Aloe vera quality.

Aloe Life® raw material from Aloe vera Scandinavian HC AB, which you can find here on, is certified by IASC.

You can read more on the IASC website:

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